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Affordable Used and After-Market Auto Parts

If you need auto parts or repairs done to your vehicle in Bowie, Maryland, stop by B & B AUTO SALVAGE. We have both used auto parts and after-market auto parts for almost any make and model.

Mechanics Replacing Car Wheel

Used Auto Parts

If you're in the market for used auto parts and you don't want to pay any dealership costs, you should take a look at what we have at B & B AUTO SALVAGE. We offer a full range of parts for automobiles of almost any make and model, and if we don't have the part in house, we will find it for you. Prices for our used auto parts range from $5 to about $1,500, depending on what you need. Choose from auto parts such as:

• Engines, Transmissions, and Radiators
• Fuel Pumps and Control Arms
• Head Lights, Windshields, and Mirrors
• Gas Tanks
• Head Lamps

• Brake Components

• Bumper Assemblies
• Rear Ends and Tail Gates
• Doors and Door Handles
• Batteries
• Wheels

After-Market Auto Parts

We're proud to carry brand new, after-market auto parts. Whether you need wheels, fenders, hoods, or mirrors, we have what you need for your vehicle repairs. Automobile owners, mechanics, and body shops all love shopping our selection of after-market parts because they save so much money.

Automotive Repairs

Our team of professionals is happy to help you when your car breaks down. We handle automotive repairs and can help you get your car ready for the winter or summer. We have experience with everything from simple oil changes and air conditioner preps to more extensive engine installations and drive shaft repairs. We're confident taking on any auto job, and have the latest technology to ensure your auto repairs are the highest quality.